Beautifying oils for the face & Body

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One of the latest trends that has ventured onto the skincare market is oil…. i mean the one thing that we were usually told to stay away from for our skin…. from jojoba to rose hip to sweet almond & coconut…. talk about choices! But how do we know which ones are the best for our skin?  Should we be taking a “one fits all approach”? From oil blends to serums, lotions, cleansing oils to the pure oil itself minus the carriers – where do you start?  the amount of people who now swear by coconut oil as there go to beauty product astounds me… who could blame them – $10 gets you a jar of cold pressed goodness with hundreds of uses and beauty advocates all over the world basking in its glory…. but if you had oily/ acne prone skin would coconut oil be the best choice? Or jojoba?  Or almond or Olive? Or how about an oil serum with ALL of them? Confused?! Well I sure am! The more issues you have with your skin, the more you tend to start reading labels & making sure that a product won’t cause a breakout. Not to mention my recent trip to the shops resulting in a well-known brands oil serums major ingredient being mineral oil – with all the health oils to follow! It that case you might as well grab a jar of Vaseline and use that instead… it’s the same stuff!.

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Niulife Coconut Oil,Hempco Oil,Jojoba Company Oil

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I have come to a conclusion that an oil “serum” for all skin types is not possible, to read the ingredients & to check if it is dermatologically tested & non comedogenic ( wont block pores) & if you are after a “pure” oil check if it has a carrier oil or if it is actually 100% pure. . Don’t get me wrong I LOVE coconut oil – but as a body / face moisturiser it makes me break out being a level 4 comedogenic rating ( 5 being the highest). Every oil has a certain amount of  Oleic & linoleic acid which can cause the skin the react differently especially with acne prone skin & may benefit from a high linoleic acid content. At the moment I am currently using Hemp seed oil (0 comedogenic rating-Oleic 22.6% / Linoleic 56.48%) and Grape seed oil (2 comedogenic rating- Oleic 16.2% / Linoleic 70.6%)( percentages can vary) which I am really enjoying! These below sites have been extremely beneficial when I have been choosing my oil for my skin especially the comedogenic ratings!:

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Healthy Raw Vegan Caramel Slice

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We all have that sweet treat that every time you go to your local bakery you look for, whether it be doughnuts, éclairs, or every pastry known to man kind, well mine is the wonderful caramel slice. Once you grow into your twenty’s you start looking at what the amazing sugary delectable treats ingredients are, you  realize that there is more then meets the eye!

okay, so the raw version does not taste as buttery & sugary as you may of first hoped but i am that in love with it that i actually crave this slice for a sweet treat! im not one to stick with a recipe & never look at improving – i did my research & tried a few different variations and tried a few Raw versions at local cafes – but yep just as i thought i cam straight back to this one! The recipe is very easy to follow, there is not a million & one ingredients to buy – oh & the fact its delicious & definitely helps a sugar craving.

find the beautiful recipe here: