Is My Soy Coffee Harming My Health?

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Years ago i remember exploring into different options to replace dairy – my aunty had mentioned to me that she could not have soy milk as it effected her hormones. being only young at the time i disregarded that & went on my merry way to better my health. only now i have noticed an increase of  controversy surrounding soy. surely something that is a widely used “health” product couldn’t be harming us? after doing some research i was surprisingly alarmed & but definitely left confused…..

one of the big issues is the hormones in soy milk – well there are hormones is cows milk too – that being said confused the issue even more. Soy beans contain phytoestrogens, which mimic the body’s natural estrogen hormones. now that’s alarming! whether or not studies prove otherwise its still a main fact of soy.but there are other products that contain phytoestrogens included certain beans, seeds & grains. there has even been concern in regards to infants & infant soy formula – there saying that it should only be used if necessary due to the phytoestrogen levels.and because phytoestrogen can mimic the body’s estrogen levels & this might reduce or increase the effect on individuals especially if you are on birth control pills. it is also found that Asian countries consume a very high does of soy. But looking into it a bit further there forms of soy (etc Tofu & Miso soup) have been prepared in traditional forms like fermentation. and the alarming part – in western countries, soy is broken down & we use the soy protein as our food ingredient. Because it is not a “pure form” in the western world we miss out on all the good nutrients unlike the Asian countries.

Okay – so far the studies on soy have had mixed results – the internet has mixed results – health professionals have mixed results – soy is in fact in nearly every product out there – confused yet?! What is it actually doing to our bodies? is the controversy true? should we maybe not be worried about it? are all the alarming facts true? well its up to you to decide………….our bodies are our temple & we need to do what we think is best, hopefully there will be answers soon so if  its indeed not healthy to be having so we can be more aware and help our bodies.

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Some great sites with loads of information that helped with my own personal decision! – a Definite read!

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